Murum Boutique Rooms

Murum Boutique Rooms are rooms with a historical monument, located inurban environment which is connected with original architectural elements of Diocletian’s Palace in a unique way. Dominant wall inside the hotel, dating back to the Roman Empire period, is renewed and integrated in overall scenery. The quiet conversation between old stone wall and newly added elements enables uninterrupted flowing of the time throughout the rooms. Natural materials used for interior design are of the utmost importance because they allude to patina which occurs over the years, while in the same time they impart the sense of cleanness and freshness. Textile, stone walls and copper details symbolize the wealth and luxury of Ancient Rome imperial family. The result is unique variety of rooms and while each room is different from the other, they all share same warmness, coziness and charm. Architectural balance, clean lines and simple forms emphasize the primary function. Interior is given new character creating unrepeatable experience and unique personality.

Overall, essence and accent of hotel area are built on historical basis and timelessness that arises from its rich history.

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