A Complete Travel Guide To Split

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Split is the largest town in Dalmatia and second largest in all Croatia (after Zagreb). A typical Mediterranean city, Split has a small town vibe, lots of murmur and easy-going locals (Did you know that in Dalmatia locals use a word pomalo (take it easy) as a greeting?).

And although Split has always had a lot to offer to visitors to the town, it started attracting tourists only recently. Just ten years ago, Split was a stop over place for tourists catching a ferry to nearby islands, or a bus to another, more exciting tourist destination.

Split was a port, industrial town, and just another big city. I’m glad that Split transformed into one of the hottest destinations in all Croatia. I simply love this town, and could move here within a blink of an eye.

Located within roman emperor Diocletian Palace, Split’s historic old town dates back to Roman times. This is a living museum, and a place where you’ll find majority of must-see sights in Split.

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